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The safest flea treatment for puppies is a topical treatment, like a spray or spot-on preventive. These treatments should be applied after cleansing the pup and paying attention to his behavior while doing so.

Before using any product, consult with your veterinarian to determine what type of treatment would be best for your puppy’s individual needs.

Topical treatments contain insect growth regulators (IGR) which prevent flea eggs and larvae from developing into adult fleas that can bite and transmit diseases, making them an effective preventative option against re-infestation. When applying these products, it is important to apply them in the appropriate areas as directed by the manufacturer to avoid adverse reactions from some of the ingredients found in these formulas.

Also keep in mind that some topical treatments can irritate the skin of very young puppies, so consult with your vet before starting a long term flea preventive regimen for pups less than 8 weeks old. Oral products might also be a good alternative for puppies younger than 12 weeks who cannot tolerate topicals due to sensitivity or licking off of product due to grooming behavior. However, because puppies are still growing and changing rapidly during this stage of life, oral flea preventatives may not offer continuous protection unless each application is given exactly as prescribed by your veterinarian.

For owners wanting safe yet effective flea control without putting pesticides directly on their pet’s skin, natural herbal repellents are also an option. Herbal remedies have been used effectively throughout history as an alternative pest control measure and today there are several brands on the market containing natural essential oils such as lavender or neem that offer repellent effects against fleas and ticks.

Bathing Your Puppy With Dawn Dish Soap

Giving your puppy a bath with Dawn dish soap is one of the safest ways to get rid of fleas. Fleas have an exoskeleton, which makes it difficult for them to breathe in water due to their waxy outer coating. When you bathe your puppy with Dawn, the dish soap strips away the flea’s waxy outer case, causing them to drown in the soapy water.

To ensure optimum results when bathing with Dawn, give your puppy a thorough scrubbing and make sure any flea nests or eggs are soaked through. Afterward, you’ll want to comb your pup all over with a flea comb. This will help remove any remaining fleas or eggs from the fur and aid in preventing new infestations.

Additionally, keep in mind that regular bathing is important for good hygiene and regular check-ups will help diagnose any potential illnesses as well as aid in preventing re-infestations from occurring!

Brushing Your Puppy Daily

Brushing your puppy daily is an easy and safe way to keep fleas at bay. A regular brushing session can remove any loose flea fur, which can harbor parasitic larvae and eggs. During this time you can take the opportunity to inspect your puppy for signs of fleas.

Make sure you brush against the grain of their fur, as this allows you to thoroughly comb through their coat in order to locate potential pests. Depending on the size of your puppy, consider using a wide-tooth comb or soft-bristled brush when brushing your pup.

Additionally, regularly cleaning your puppy’s bedding is an important component in a successful flea prevention regime. Make sure to vacuum frequently and wash all fabrics that come into contact with your pet regularly in hot water (at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit).

Using Natural Flea Powders & Sprays

Using natural flea powders and sprays is one of the safest ways to protect your puppy from fleas. Natural ingredients like neem, eucalyptus oil, and peppermint are known to be effective in repelling fleas. You can purchase these powders and sprays at any pet store or online.

When using any products containing essential oils make sure to read the label very carefully. Essential oils could prove toxic if used improperly or in too large a concentration. You should always test the product on a small patch of skin first before applying it all over the body of your puppy. Be especially careful when using natural products around the eyes, nose, and mouth!

In addition to spraying or powdering their coat you can also bathe your puppy in eucalyptus or lavender bathwater for extra protection against fleas. To ensure that all the fleas are eliminated we also recommend vacuuming often throughout your home as well as washing bedding regularly in hot water each week.

In review

If you’re in search of a safe way to rid your puppy of fleas, consider bathing them with Dawn dish soap, brushing them daily, and using natural flea repellent powders and sprays. All these methods are safe and effective when used properly.

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