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Greenhill recycling is a social enterprise that creates opportunities for people living in densely populated, low-income areas within Lagos state, to create value from their daily-generated waste.

In exchange for recyclable waste, we offer redeemable GREENPOINTS to post-consumers, which can be converted to items of value such as, groceries, bill payment, household items and cash. Greenhill recovers recyclables such as plastic containers (bottles, buckets, bowls etc), aluminium cans, cartons, water sachets and office paper from sources of consumption in order to divert large volumes of waste to recycling value chains and increase recycling rates.

THE WASTE challenge

Waste management is fast becoming a global crisis and developing countries such as Nigeria, are more prone to this plight. Recyclable materials form the bulk of litter on the streets and gutters in Lagos state. These materials, most of which were disposed indiscriminately by the users, become obstacles to the free flow of water in drains resulting floods and exposing inhabitants to the risk of loss of property and exposure to diseases such as cholera, dysentery and malaria.

In Lagos state where Greenhill currently operates, the population is estimated to be 17 million, generating about 9,000 metric tons of waste daily. Of this volume, only about 40% is collected and about 13% recycled. With an estimated population growth to 20 million in 2019, the situation will only worsen, if efforts to intercept the waste are not initiated.


Greenhill Recycling is fostering social change using incentives to make the environmentally friendly habit of recycling, attractive.

Our model is designed to integrate individuals, especially those in indigent communities into the culture of recycling, through incentivisation. Through our points accumulation system, GREENPOINTS are allocated to subscribers based on the volume of clean and neatly bagged recyclables we receive. For convenience, our field Marshalls pick up these recyclable waste materials directly from the subscribers doorsteps and deliver to our processing hubs for further sorting and baling and recycling.

Registered subscribers accumulate GREENPOINTS over a period of time, which can be exchanged for products, or services of value such as groceries, bill payment, household items and cash. Subscribers are expected to keep a record of their GREENPOINTS in a GREENCARD and would be notified by text messages when they are due for redemption.


Operation 10million bottles: We are on a campaign to remove in one year, 10million bottles from our streets, gutters and neighbourhoods beginning in November, 2018. This initiative will impact 3 major communities and over 5000 households. Sign up Here to be a part of it.

#BAGIT campaign : Through our BAGit campaign, we are empowering a culture change amongst individuals, where they have to neatly separate and bag their recyclable waste in branded collection bags for recycling. Subscribe here to join this campaign.